New Laban Centre

The Laban Dance Centre is a the first of several landmark developments in Deptford Creek. The building is complete and has the first 'brown' roof ever built in London for Black Redstarts.

The 'brown' roof is 400m2 and is constructed of crushed concrete sourced from demolition material from the site prior to construction.

"From Laban's point of view, because what we do is about the health of the body and the mind, it's nice that this is to be echoed in the environment around the Creekside, and that it has had a knock-on effect with other new buildings in the area." - Giles Robertson, Head of Marketing and Press at Laban Centre

Laban New Roof Idea of how roof may develop
Laban Roof Laban Roof Laban Roof
Deptford Creek Vista
New Laban Centre New Laban Centre with flood defences
New Laban Centre
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