Plans of Mast Quay, Woolwich. Designed by Nigel Upchurch and Associates
Mast Quay, Woolwich Church Street, London Borough of Greenwich

Mast Quay, Woolwich - designed by Nigel Upchurch Associates – is an example of good practice, showing a mosaic of different roofs, many of which will use aggregate from the original site in varying depths.

The scheme is a good example of an effective partnership being established between the nature conservation lobby and the developer where the importance of incorporating ecological mitigation works was recognised from the outset, particularly as the site is in an area that is a traditional stronghold for the black redstart.

In addition to working closely with ecologists to provide mitigation for black redstarts, the architects also dealt with in the design other brownfield biodiversity issues.

roofs covered with crushed brick & concrete

roofs with terraced areas & crushed brick & concrete
Crushed Brick and concrete
shingle with recycled crushed brick & concrete as a base to escape route

intertidal beds at southern ends of draw docks
Grreen roof Photographs show examples of green roofs NOTES:
Areas of ecological planting to be integrated throughout the site, incorporating native plants, crushed brick & concrete and large boulders

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