Development on black redstarts’ breeding territories need not have an adverse effect on their status. The presence of buildings, stairways, cranes and other such complex structures are probably ecologically beneficial. With the right mitigation a development can not only ensure the continued presence of black redstarts on a site but, in some cases, may well enhance the site for them. Merely providing nest-boxes is unlikely to provide suitable mitigation.

The PRIMARY issue is the provision of suitable low nutrient substrate within the development scheme to support a variety and low-density coverage of ruderal plants.

This can easily be achieved through the provision of:

  1. Green roofs - see also - our sister site dedicated to the subject

  2. Appropriate terrestrial landscaping schedules
New Laban Centre,Deptford showing flood defence mitigations
Flood Defence Improvements @ Laban Dance Centre, Deptford, L.B. of Lewisham
greenroof mitigation
Green Roof, Switzerland
Terrestrial landscaping,Deptford, LewishamTerrestrial landscaping,Deptford, Lewisham
Creekside Education Centre, Deptford, L.B. of Lewisham

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