Black redstarts - phoenicurus ochruros Ecology, mitigations, urban regeneration
Conservation ideas including green roofs and terrestrial landscaping in urban regeneration projects
Phoenicurus ochruros [black redstart] by Craig Churchill
Photograph: Craig Churchill

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Since 1997, conservation of the black redstart has ‘…raised its red tail above the parapet…’ as an issue in urban Britain, specifically London. This website aims to draw on all the recent successes and information available in this field, one that is more pressing since the publication of the Government’s Urban White Paper in 2000. Amongst many welcome proposals, this targets urban brownfields for development and regeneration. Such areas support many of the strong holds of the black redstart in the UK.

This advice note/web page addresses:

A perceived conflict between development and nature conservation. In the case of black redstarts this may not necessarily be the case; this website/advice offers solutions for developers, architects, landscape architects and conservationists to help overcome some of the problems*.

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Argent St George is a joint venture between two of the UK's leading developers - Argent Group plc and St George plc. Argent St George are the developers taking forward the redevelopment of 72-acres of brownfield land at King's Cross Central, one of the most exciting and challenging regeneration opportunities within London, the UK and Europe. Argent St George are delighted to help sponsor this research, to provide better guidance and advice about how some of the perceived conflicts between development and nature conservation might be overcome.
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